Australia’s Grand Health Facility.

What can we achieve ?

  • Australia’s biggest tourist income facility
  • The world’s first Horse Highway
  • The world’s most diversified walking, cycling & riding trails network
  • A world class variety of endurance ride courses
  • First Equestrian Development Fund for Australia &….
  • Our first Equestrian Institute.

All achievable ….

from the same resource.

Big-picture Architects of ability have produced a wonder-of-the-world.

It now needs the support of big-picture sponsors of innovation to help bring it to reality.

Those who dare create the wonders of our lifetime

This is a non-profit venture: The Longest Ride.

Despite the excellence of this project proposal – we have not attracted any government or corporate money. Support in principle does not build anything.

The project and The Longest Ride is now de-registered and in retirement but still the property of its architect.

Copyright. All rights reserved 2001.

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