Equestrian Development Fund

Equestrian Development fund

Why is an Equestrian Development Fund part of the Horse Highway & Trails project ?

The estimated cost of the HH & T project is $180 million.

Before governments will provide their half share – we must have deposited in our Bank the $90million from private enterprise.

It makes good business sense !

  • The project would have complete autonomy & financial independence – for ever.
  • No need to seek donations year after year.
  • The $90m will be deposited in a securely managed Investment Fund – in perpetuity. The annual Dividend would help fill the construction budget.
  • Money not spent each year on the Horse Highway & Trails project would go to the Equestrian Development Fund.

There is now such interest in the EDF idea that we could raise enough to start a No 2 Managed Fund, just for the EDF.

What is the aim of the EDF ?

  • Assist rural pony club competition.
  • Help provide facilities for rural pony clubs.
  • Assist under privileged riders.
  • Assist street-kids get a life with horses.
  • Assist with endurance ride course facilities.
  • Support rural area equestrian competition.

As the HH & T project nears completion, more money will be available to the EDF.

The EDF will then create and fund Australia’s first Equestrian Institute.

The Australian Equestrian Institute will be devoted to raising the standard of performance, knowledge & understanding in all areas of the equestrian industry.

The Equine Flu epidemic has pointed out in graphic terms just how much Australia is seriously orientated around horses.

Horses have always been an important part of the Australian way of life.

Horses have great asset value to Australia and we must protect, encourage & capitalise upon our equestrian resources.

How will the EDF be managed ?

  • The Longest Ride inc. will employ a full-time EDF Administrator.
  • State Equestrian Federation & Pony Clubs have been invited to support this great project.
  • A State Steering Committee of experienced equestrian administrators will be established.
  • Our Administrator will Chair the committee and advise us on the distribution of Funding.

The Horse Highway & Trails Design Team has created a project of great potential.

It deserves the support of all Equestrian Federation affiliates, Endurance Rider’s Organisations, Trail Clubs & Pony Clubs.

If you don’t care – why should anyone else ?

“Sitting on the fence” pondering – is not an option !

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