Getting Started

getting started

Where are we at present ?

The first step is to hold inter-state meetings with Governments both State & Federal, horse organisations & trail clubs. But we need funding !

These meetings will define what is intended, the needs of those involved & the parameters for achievement.

This great tourist opportunity can only succeed through cooperation.

Our research introduced us to people all over the world. The enthusiasm, support and excited interest was overwhelming.

The US Director of National Parks has invited us to do a video study tour of their extensive, trails system.

An official invitation is extended by 3 US States to do the same.

This video tour will give us the best information ever recorded on trail system design & management for cycling, walking & riding.

The Director of England’s National Trail, now being built, has issued an invitation to do a UK video tour. It runs south from the Scottish border.

Much of the UK trail runs through private farms and farmers augment their income by providing campsites & meals.

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