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The current situation is that we have been negotiating for some time with the Taxation Department to register as non-profit & also as a Deductible Gift Recipient.

Unfortunately, the ATO cannot find a “slot” into which we fit. We are quite unique.

They are therefore supporting our application the Federal Treasurer to have The Longest Ride Inc; registered by Ministerial Decree. It will take time but we will get there. 30th June 2008.

The Longest Ride inc. has reached the point where all the preliminary proposal design is in place, in detail.

What is our focus now?

The first requirement is to attract the best expertise available to form the Design Steering Committee & find the Sponsors & Funding for the Stage 1 section of the project.

The Longest Ride inc needs ………..
a Secretary – Project Co-ordinator.

  • She will work in close cooperation with the Project Director.
  • Both will trek the rural Shires creating local Trail Design Teams, a great way to see Australia.
  • Maybe a horsewoman – maybe a background in PR, journalism or as a private secretary ………
  • or just a multi-skilled lady with talent.
  • Slim, fit & healthy wanting adventure in her life.
  • Initially, it will be a voluntary position.
  • Be part of history !

Contact the Director – if you see this exciting project – as more thrilling than a Christian Dior collection.

The Design Program is now focused on the USA & UK video tours. These must take place during the Northern Summer. We need Sponsors, funding & planning in place by May 2008.

This history-making adventure needs… an experienced Tour Co-ordinator or Documentary Production Company .. to help Sponsor & plan tour details.

Other Key Personnel will be invited to join us, as the project develops.

If you have “big project” experience to contribute to our Horse Highway & Trails Project – creating so many “firsts” – nationally & internationally.

… …. contact the Project Director.


We must take a stand, as a community.

The Hon. Tony Burke MP.
Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry,
PO Box 6022,
Parliament House,
Canberra. 2600.                        5th September 2008.

Dear Minister,


I am a member and past Chairman of the Queensland Horse Council. This appalling Levy proposed by Government needs ethical challenge.

As a Justice of the Peace of 35 years, I despair at our plunge to the social abyss. As social behaviour deteriorates community abuse increases. The alarming escalation in road carnage and community violence in general results from being denied our basic right to protect ourselves by maintaining standards. We are the only ‘species’ in history silly enough to abandon them – thanks to 30 years of political stupidity.

Discipline, obedience & respect are an essential package forming the foundation to the quality of our social coexistence and too the foundation to the reliability of our performance in all that we do. This includes our reliable conversion in the workplace of academic education. The erosion of “the package” causes many workplace deaths and injuries each year, as employees and management fail to stick to procedures, regulations and instructions. Planes fall from the sky for the same reason.  We are doing ourselves out of employment, as employers look to more disciplined ‘cultures’ overseas for reliable staff, worth the money.

Australia’s expansive horse industry has endured months of dislocation and hardship and a massive loss of over $1bn, because undisciplined staff at Quarantine Stations allowed the entry of Equine Flu. The erosion of “the package’ is now a threat to national security.

If we persist with our inept attitude Minister, we face in 20 years a social catastrophe four times worse.  As it is, we feed a bureaucratic “empire building” mentality as departments expand to merely joust with our social decay. Police want more powers, while Courts seemingly reduce penalties. Jails are archaic and produce worse behaviour, but there is no focus on Correction Centres or Reform Schools for children. Courtroom decisions aid and abet in the abuse of women and many decisions are irrational. Domestic Violence Protection Orders are like a tongue-in-cheek gesture that leave women disgracefully vulnerable.

No one has a focus on the solution, much less prevention, while “Band-aid application” is a policy of corruption. It is a staggering waste of our resources that solves absolutely nothing. The impact on our quality of social coexistence is appalling and we do not have to accept it. We suffer terribly, because the community has no leadership. We must look to creating a safe, secure and peaceful community. We all deserve that Minister, but to even contemplate such idealism, we need to radically change our attitude in dealing with our social problems.

The community en mass has the right, on its own terms, to have the means of getting out in front of the social problems – to decide on a long-term strategy to raise social education and parenting standards. We must have a community solution – and end the destructive political complicity with academic experimentalists, social do-gooders and selfish rights activists that historically drives the community backwards socially.

Politicians presided over the tearing down of social standards thereby undermining the quality of parenting and with it the quality of social education. It was they who then opened the floodgates to all the nasties when our capacity to cope continues to diminish. It was they who formulated the Anti-Discrimination Mob who see social education as a disease to be eradicated when social education always had equal importance with academic education.

It is politicians Minister who have provided the means to social failure and all the disasters created from it. This includes the probable infiltration into Australia of a horrifying range of diseases and viruses that boggle the mind when we consider what sort of utter devastation they could have on Australia as a whole. Some could shut us down as a nation Minister.

This needs to be the focus, Sir. We must embrace solution while we still have something of a foundation upon which to base something better. Asking the horse industry, in this case, to pay for an inevitable, pending disaster created by the political policy is an insulting act of defeatism Sir. You would penalize us further Minister when we had no say in the cause of the problem and politics refuses to focus on prevention.

It is therefore the epitome of arrogance Minister for the bureaucracy to penalize us still further. When does bureaucracy take responsible for its own failures? I suggest that these Levies are legally challengeable as a fraudulently imposed means of Rural Revenue Raising.


John R. Brodie.

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