Patrons & Sponsors

Big, very different, high publicity, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, controversial, history-making, community benefit, long duration, public involvement, excited national & international interest.

This is Sponsorship Heaven !

It is “once-in-a-lifetime” that a major national project comes along such as the Horse Highway & Trails project.

The Longest Ride inc. will really support those who support us.

There are two main divisions of support – Patrons & Sponsors.

Patrons are defined as major contributors to the $90m funding.

Sponsors are those funding vehicles, equipment & start-up budgets.

Patrons (happy with publicity) & Sponsors will be widely advertised:

  • Throughout the many years duration of the building of the Horse Highway & Trails network,
  • in the international Trails Directory to be published in parts, prior to the completion of each Stage of the project,
  • on campsites around the trails network,
  • on the vehicles trekking through the Shires during the design & construct process,
  • on this Website – together with “Links” to their own Website,
  • on official Longest Ride correspondence,
  • on our Quarterly Progress Report to Members,
  • where ever possible through the Media.

This grand project represents great, long term income value to Patrons & Sponsors.

Come & join us.

Be part of history.

Enjoy the benefits.

Number yourself amongst Australia’s talented innovators.

Donation are most welcome. Contact John R. Brodie. JP.

2007 Project Supporters.


  • Coates Prestige.
  • WaterPac Australia.
  • Davey Engineering Group.
  • Cobb & Co Society.
  • SNAP printing, Toowoomba.
  • Energex.
  • 22¬†Queensland Shire Councils.


  • AERA – Australian Endurance Ride Assoc.
  • Queensland Endurance Rider’s Association.
  • British Equestrian Federation.
  • HOOFBEATS Magazine.
  • Arabian Express Magazine.
  • Australian Endurance News.
  • Bridle & Bits News USA.
  • Queensland Horse Council Inc (


  • Ms Teresa Gambaro MP
  • Hon Ian Macfarlane MP
  • Hon Tom Barton MLA
  • Senator John Herron.
  • Ms. Jane Myers MSc (Equine)


Geoscience Australia – has kindly donated all the topographical maps necessary to locate & build the Horse Highway project. Thank you

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