The Trails Network

The Horse Highway

  • This is a wonderful opportunity to nationally unify the fragmented trails in each Australian State.
  • It is not intended to displace or interfere with the sovereignty that any trail organisation has currently.
  • A unified trails network optimizes opportunity & defines nationally & internationally a huge tourist facility.

This is about unity for a common good …. & everyone benefits.

  • Governments, State & Federal.
  • Rural Tourism.
  • Trail clubs & organisations.
  • The equestrian industry as a whole.
  • The Australian community in general.
  • Trail users of the World.

What is a Trails Network ?

  • Each Rural Shire along the Horse Highway will be invited to design their own Trails network, blending in existing trails.
  • It will give local & overseas trekkers access to rural villages & many places of scenic interest.
  • Trails will loop back to the Horse Highway so trekkers can move to the next Shire network.
  • The national network will produce about 14,000 kilometers of scenic trails – the greatest, most diversified network of Trails in the World.

Where do we start ?

  • We start at both ends simultaneously – Broome in Western Australia ….
    and Cairns in Queensland.
  • This will add interest to the development of the project – locally & internationally.
  • It will also halve construction time, as we head for an exciting, “grand closure” in the middle ….. somewhere !

How do we do it ?

  • A Horse Highway & Trails, State Government Steering Committees will define the parameters for the trails network design.
  • The project Director & project Coordinator will tour each of the Shires, State by State.
  • Public meetings will be held & local trail design teams selected on ability & local knowledge.
  • On completing a State Trails network design, proposed Trails will be checked and “the Plan” presented to State Government for approval.
  • It is only on Approval that we start building.
  • Each State will be completed before starting the next State or Stage of the project.

Why build the Trails State by State?

  • As we build each State network we will be advertising to overseas trail users … the World’s largest horse trails network.
  • When each State network is completed so too will be the infrastructure to manage the use of the Trails.
  • Each State will be operational …… before we start the next State or Stage of the National Trails Network.

What does it mean to tourists ?

  • a chance to see our unique country life.
  • meet the legendary hospitality of our rural folk.
  • eat dinkidi Aussie food.
  • meet with our jackaroos & jillaroos (wranglers).
  • see our sheep & cattle stations (ranches).
  • share our love of horses – we breed some of the best in the world – selling Quarter Horses to the USA – Arabian Horses to the Middle East.
  • see wildlife & flora unique to the land of Oz.
  • go fossicking in our rich gem fields.
  • meander through some of the world’s best wine growing areas.
  • camp out in beautiful wilderness.
  • enjoy the peace & tranquility – only broken by the pleasurable sounds of nature.
  • there is no place on Earth like Australia.
  • it is an experience that lasts you a lifetime.
  • and your return is always welcome.

Enjoy the exercise!

Increase your fitness !

Improve your health !

Cycle, hike or ride a maze of spectacular trails along Australia’s Horse Highway.

Australia defies the imagination.

Because we have creative Australians of vision & innovation who produce grand projects like the Horse Highway & Trails.

The world takes notice of our ability.

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