Trail Users

Every day’s ride – from one part of Australia to another – is a breath taking experience.

Why should Australia invest is a huge Horse Highway & Trails network?

The international trail user market …. is massive.

  • International trail users number over 200 million.
  • The USA has over 20 million horse riders …….. 90 million bicycle riders & 73 million hikers.
  • US Trail Riding Clubs have 5 million members.
  • The horse-loving Asian market ready to embrace horse type holidays like the wagon train & Cobb & Co coach rides could add another 50 million.
  • Trail users in the northern hemisphere are losing their trails to urban development.
  • They have freezing winters. For much of the year they have nowhere else to go for trail riding.

Australia has the climate, space & the most beautiful scenery in the World.

Australia is a safe-haven to visitors.

Australia is known world-wide as a great horse loving nation.

Australia’s country hospitality is second to none.

This is the biggest adventure trail network in Australia’s history….
… & the World’s only Horse Highway

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