Trails Management

The Horse Highway management

How will the Horse Highway & Trails Network be managed?

The first objective is to attract visitors.

  • We will produce a glossy A4 size book in 3 languages for international distribution – like a street directory – detailing the trails network, the degree of difficulty, trail use type – either cycling, hiking, riding or horse vehicles or a combination
  • Each Shire (County) along the Horse Highway will be advertised individually.
  • We will publicise – the local trails network & features, wagon train, Cobb & Co & trail guide services, towns & villages, tourist attractions, shopping facilities, private trails & horse holidays
  • We will create a Tourist Information & Booking Website to advertise this same information.
  • It will be a major campaign to advertise the uniqueness of the Australian bush, country life, wildlife & flora & country hospitality.

Taking Care of Visitors.

  • Visitors will be encouraged to choose particular Shires in which to spend their holidays.
  • This makes it easier to house them comfortably for the duration of their stay.
  • The Horse Highway route will access airports.
  • This will allow use to move tourists to selected destinations, with a minimum of inconvenience.
  • The object is to have you enjoy the trails network, stay as long as you like & get you home again – hassle free.
  • We will breed & hire our own quality trail horses, hire camping gear & touring bicycles.

The Management Structure.

  • We will establish a Ranger Station in each rural Shire or (County).
  • These will be the local staging areas for visitors to be introduced to local trails, trail rules & regulations.
  • The introduction will be standardised by a DVD instruction session that ALL visitors must view.
  • Visitors will also have their riding skills assessed before hiring horses & gear.
  • A riding history will be requested by the Central Office – as visitors register to use the trails.
  • This will be sent to the chosen Ranger Station.
  • Ranger Stations will be responsible for security & maintenance on the local trails network.
  • Pony club members will be invited to join as Honorary Rangers to help manage the trails.
  • The Ranger Stations will be linked to the Central Booking Office, by computer.
  • Ranger Stations will organize the movement of horses & gear to meet tourist numbers & needs.

The Management Base.

  • The Longest Ride Association will preside over the trails network management.
  • A General Manager & staff will run the trails management business, day-to-day, through a central Booking & Co-ordination Office ………. like a one-wayTravel Agency.
  • The central office will take all bookings, local & international & advise on trail network conditions.
  • An advanced booking sheet will be periodically emailed to Ranger Stations – telling them in advance of visitor numbers & needs.

Safety, comfort & a pleasurable experience is our focus.

Encouraging satisfied tourists to excitedly return, again & again …. is our aim.

But, if the rural community is to benefit from this grand project ….

…….. we need the support of the industries that now rely so much on the horse-loving community.

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