What is a Horse Highway

what is a horse highway

  • A Horse Highway is a road designated for ridden animals, animal-drawn vehicles, bicycle riders & hikers. Motorised vehicles must give right-of-way.
  • Motorised vehicles can still use the Horse Highway at reduced speed, with respect for non-motorised highway users.
  • It is a safe way to contain all the horse traffic using the Trails Network around Australia.

How do we create a Horse Highway?

  • We will select a secondary, dirt, country road, with the cooperation of Shire Councils.
  • The selected rural road will be submitted to the State Government for approval.
  • The approved road will be officially re-gazetted as a Horse Highway – the first in the World

Why have a Horse Highway?

  • The Horse Highway is the backbone that links the Trails Network through the Country Shires.
  • It is the means of moving from Shire to Shire …. as you “See Australia by Horse”.
  • A Horse Highway will give a rebirth to Cobb & Co coach rides, wagon train caravanning, a range of other animal-drawn vehicles.
  • It will give all these adventure-seeking tourists access to many towns & villages.
  • The Horse Highway creates the means by which so many businesses once thriving in animal-drawn vehicle building can enjoy a revival.
  • This will flow on to many a business in Towns & Villages around the Australian Horse Highway & Trails Network.

But – we need¬†those of capacity & imagination … to fund the creation of it.

See Australia by horse – & beat the rising fuel costs.

The overall cost estimate – $180 million.