Who Benefits

Who benefits from the Australian Horse Highway?

The Longest Ride inc. supports rural tourism – with a focus on community benefit.

So who does benefit?

The Trails Network would access more than 100 rural communities – each with their own character & charm – creating many benefits.


  • The HH & T project will give international advertising to a vast number of rural towns & villages scarcely known otherwise.
  • We have the capacity to attract tourists in huge numbers – a previously untapped resource.
  • This will feed local shops, private horse trails, the Bicentennial National Trail, local tourist attractions & horse holiday opportunities.

Business opportunities.

  • saddlery, horse gear & horse pack manufacture.
  • camping gear, packs, tents, eating gear, sleeping bags.
  • bicycle hire & repair.
  • horse-drawn vehicle manufacture & repair.
  • black-smithing services.
  • veterinary services & supplies.
  • airline packages & bus transportation.
  • manufacture & sale of “Horse Highway & Trails” merchandise.
  • other tourism type merchandising, promoting rural towns, villages & businesses.
  • Ranger Station facilities in each Shire.
  • franchising of Cobb & Co, wagon train & horse-drawn vehicle touring services.
  • all this adds to rural employment opportunities.

Trail Uses.

  • local, national & international endurance ride competition.
  • local & international trail riding club camps.
  • corporate & organisational bonding camps.
  • horse & rider training, bushcraft training & family bonding camps.
  • guided pleasure trail rides, fossicking camps, sketching, painting & photography camps.
  • ideal for TV & film production.
  • This is Australia’s biggest mainland tourist facility. Skill, practical experience & innovation created it.

The number of benefits and uses developed for the Horse Highway & Trails network is only limited by our imagination.

Embrace this exciting project. It will be an endless talking point.

Trails can be full of surprises!

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